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Krysta (ON, Canada)

Thorough review on the FlexiNappy and all other Cutie Patootie cloth diapering accessories like the Organic Bamboo Cloth Wipes, Double-Zippered Wetbag, Gartered Pail Liner, Hemp Soaker and the Clutch Changing Mat.



Jaime (MA, USA)

Review on the FlexiNappy highlighting its features and functionality.



Sandi (MA, USA)

This review is about the versatility of the Cutie Patootie FlexiNappy as an All-in-one, All-in-two and Double Pocket Cloth Diaper. Also some feedback on the Organic Bamboo Cloth Wipes. 





@Harv (ON, Canada)



Mrs. Houk (MA, USA)


Sarah (KY, USA)

@familyandfull (FL, USA)