Main Types of Cloth Diapers

There are several types of cloth diapers, from simple designs to those with more modern features. Let's start from the basic.


1. FLATS  are the traditional cloth diaper used before the age of disposables. It is a single-layer piece of absorbent fabric, usually made of square-shaped cotton.  They can be folded in many different ways (Trifold, triangle, Bikini twist, Angel wing) and fastened with safety pins or a snappi. It is the least expensive type of cloth diaper and the easiest to clean. Because they are just regular piece of cloth, you need a diaper cover to make them waterproof.


2. PREFOLDS are similar to flats. They are "prefolded" multiple layers of absorbent fabric that are sewn together. They can be smaller that flats but thicker, and they are slightly more expensive. They also need to be folded and fastened with safety pins or snappis. Prefolds also needs a diaper cover to make them waterproof.


3. FITTED DIAPERS are "ready-made" cloth diaper with snaps, velcro  or hook/loop closure. They are made of thick layers of absorbent material usually cotton, hemp, fleece or bamboo cloth. They are breathable, however, still needs a diaper cover to make it waterproof. They are breathable and can be used coverless until damp, if preferred.


4. CONTOUR DIAPERS are fitted diapers without the snaps, velcro or hook/loop closures. They are fastened using safety pins and snappis and offers more customization in fitting.


5. HYBRID DIAPERS are a cross between cloth diapers and disposables. It is made of a reusable diaper cover then paired with the insert of your choice- a biodegradable disposable insert or any type of cloth insert.


6. POCKET DIAPERS  are modern cloth diapers made of a waterproof diaper cover, usually Preolyurethane Laminate PUL or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), and a stay-dry inner cover lining, usually fleece or suede fabric, that is sewn together. They usually come with snaps or velcro closure. The inner lining has a pocket on one end where an absorbent pad can be inserted. The inserts can be made of different materials (usually microfiber, cotton, hemp and bamboo). The Pocket diaper is one of the most favored types among parents because of how customizable they are with absorbency by layering of inserts, as well as the option of using different types of insert as preferred. They are easy to use and thoroughly wash.

Some brands of pocket cloth diapers have openings in front and at the back, like the Cutie Patootie Flexinappy, and are sometimes called Sleeve cloth diapers. With double pocket opening, you don't have to remove the inserts before tossing them to the diaper pail as they easily come off the pocket cover when agitated during washing.

7. ALL-IN-TWOs (AI2) are two-part modern cloth diapers made of a waterproof reusable cover, with snap or velcro closure, and a washable reusable cloth insert that you can snap on the cover. This type of cloth diaper is also one of the most popular because of their ease of use. No stuffing required; just lay inserts on the cover and snap in. Moreover, they can be easily and thoroughly washed.

8. ALL-IN-ONEs (AIO) are one-piece modern cloth diapers that absolutely requires no extra steps in preparation. It is comparable to disposable diapers. No stuffing and no separate covers needed. This type of diaper is premium and generally more expensive. They are the most convenient to use and an obvious popular choice for dads, babysitters and grandparents. However, you can not customize absorbency in terms of the number and type of soakers you can use because they are already sewn in. Because of this, it requires thorough washing to make sure that it's properly cleaned inside and a relatively long time to dry them. For this reason, you need to have a large stash to rotate as well.


The Cutie Patootie FlexiNappy offers the versatility, ease of use and convenice of three of the most favored and popular types of cloth diapers. It's an All-in-one, All-in-two and pocket diaper altogether!