Main Types of Soakers

The soakers are the main workhorse of a cloth diaper. Its functionality largely depends on them.

  • COTTON is a natural fiber that is very absorbent and the most affordable. It is the most readily available soaker that can be used in a cloth diaper system. They can be a single-layer of cloth called Flats or Prefold (as the name suggests). They can be homemade, too.  You can cut flour sack towels, fold them and use them to stuff on a pocket cloth diaper or lay in a diaper cover. However, you have to use several layers of it and it can get too thick and bulky to make it functional as a soaker.
  • MICROFIBER is a synthetic fiber made of polyester-nylon blend. It is the standard soaker that most cloth diapers come with. it is the next most affordable option. it is quickest to absorb but does not relatively hold or retain liquid as good as the other types and can sometimes cause compression leaks. And because it is a synthetic and fast-drying material, it is an irritant and can not touch baby's sensitive skin.
  • BAMBOO is an organic natural fiber that is super soft. It can both quickly absorb liquid and is very efficient in retaining them. Highly absorbent and yet on the thinner side, as compared to microfiber. It is a very dependable type of soaker that does not result to compression leaks. It is very safe to touch baby's skin and will not cause any irritation.
  • BAMBOO COMBONATIONS are layers of Bamboo fleece and other fabric, usually microfiber or cotton. The Bamboo material may be from its charcoaled bi-product, commonly known as a Charcoal Bamboo, and additionally has a deodorizing property. Because of its dark color, they make stains almost invisible. The combination of layers makes for the best benefits and functionality of these different soaker materials when it comes to fast liquid absorption and retention. Because the Bamboo is on the outer layer, it is very soft and safe to touch baby's skin.
  • HEMP is an organic natural fiber usually blended with cotton. It has the highest absorbency, superior with retaining liquid in comparison to its counterparts. It is of the premium kind and most expensive among the others but is thin and will give the trimmest fit. However, it may take a little more time with drying it. tis very safe to touch baby's and will not cause any irritation.

The Cutie Patootie FlexiNappy only comes with premium types of soakers; a 5-layer Charcoal Bamboo and a 4-layer Organic Bamboo Terry soakers. We also have Organic Hemp Soakers sold separately.