Common Cloth Diaper Issues and Fix





  • Double check if the diaper is snug fit to the baby and make adjustments to both the snap waist and rise closures
  • Make sure you are using the right type and number of soakers according to baby's stage. Consider using extra soakers as boosters and layer it up
  • When you layer soakers, put the faster absorbing type on top, like Microfiber or Charcoal Bamboo soakers, and the slower absorbing ones at the bottom, like Pure Bamboo Terry and Hemp, which holds the liquid efficiently to avoid compression leaks
  • The stinky odor may be caused primarily by Ammonia in the urine that was not thoroughly washed off the diapers, especially that the soakers could be thick and are very absorbent. Run an extra warm wash cycle with just water, without detergent.
  • Try using 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar or baking soda on this extra wash

     Rashes are mainly caused by prolonged exposure to stool and urine as well as rubbing and irritation.

    • Have baby spend some diaper-free time to air out the bottom
    • Use organic Coconut oil as rash cream or other cloth-diaper safe substitute

     Most parents new to cloth diapers are intimidated with the washing routine without realizing that they are not very different from regular laundry except for the extra wash cycle with just water before the actual cycle with detergent.