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🌏We Ship Worldwide! ✈️ FREE SHIPPING for orders over CA$100 within Canada 🇨🇦 / CA$130 to USA 🇺🇸!
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Why Choose the FlexiNappy?



The Flexinappy is a Premium washable reusable one-size cloth diaper that grows with your baby from newborn until potty-trained. If well taken cared of, it can be reused further by more babies. Imagine how much trash you can save from the landfill just by choosing to use cloth!




The inner lining and soakers that come with it are made of Charcoal bamboo and Bamboo terry that are soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, chemical-free and safe for baby’s skin. They are very absorbent making them perfect materials for cloth nappies.



It’s an All-in-one, All-in-two and a Double Pocket Type in ONE Cloth Diaper. That is why it’s called a FlexiNappy! Its versatility is what sets it apart from others. It is highly customizable in fit and styles of use. And because it is made only with Bamboo cloth, it is safe to touch baby’s skin. You can insert the soakers like a pocket diaper, secure them inside with snaps to use like an All-in-one; Only better because the type and number of soakers can be customized for maximum absorbency according to the need at baby’s every stage. With detachable inserts and double-sided wide pockets, they are more sanitary, easy to use, wash and clean. For faster and more convenient prep, just snap-on and lay-in soakers like an All-in-two. Use one or the other, or both! Choice is yours!




The adjustable waist and rise snaps ensure a snug fit to your baby . Along with the waterproof tummy panel, the FlexiNappy is leakproof. It has double gusset inner lining to secure solids in place. The FlexiNappy comes with superior premium multi-layer soakers- 5-layer Charcoal bamboo and 4-layer Bamboo Terry. This powerful combination quickly wick and absorb moisture while efficiently holding and retaining the liquid to maintain a stay-dry feel and avoid rashes chemical-free! Charcoal bamboo inner lining and soaker are stain-free and naturally deodorizing.





Cloth nappies look neat and fashionably cute on your baby! Choose from our wide collection of classy and stylish colors and prints.


Make an initial investment and you never have to spend on disposable diapers ever again. Aside from enjoying its many benefits, you don’t only save money from choosing to cloth diaper, YOU SAVE OUR PLANET!