About Us


Designed by mothers; For mothers...and babies!
Having a baby is such a joyful experience. With this additional bundle of joy in a growing family comes additional needs that has to be provided for. Amongst this multitude, one of the very basic necessities would be baby diapers. Lots of it! However, most mothers at postpartum devote their time and energy at nursing and rearing kids that they are unable to go back to work full-time, if at all. With this change in setup that's impacting family resources, parents find means to make ends meet. We know this very well and we understand completely; Because we are parents like you!
Hence, the creation of Cutie Patootie; A premium cloth nappy brand established and based in Toronto, Canada.
At Cutie Patootie, we are committed to providing premium quality cloth diapers that are made to last. They are reusable, washable and one-size that can be used from newborn to toddler. All our diapers are made from the most natural chemical-free fabrics, like Bamboo and Cotton, that are safe for both babies' skin and the environment. With the several types and choices available in the market, we designed our cloth diapers with utmost versatility and ease-of use with your best comfort in mind. Our FlexiNappy can be used however you want it; It's An All-in-one (AIO) , All-in-two(AI2) and a Double Pocket Type in ONE Cloth Diaper. You can have it your way! All the other details and features were extensively researched and tested to ensure that we only deliver you products that are dependable and efficient. In addition to this great value from all our products, the designs are cute, classy and stylish too!
Truly, it's a FlexiNappy for every baby!
At Cutie Patootie, we strongly advocate the use of eco-friendly products that supports a clean and safe environment. We are committed in promoting change, to make cloth diaper use mainstream.  We strive to always provide an excellent diaper option that is cloth diaper, and continuously improve all our products to make it the best of its kind.

We believe that when you throw disposable diapers out, they don't really go away; They just go somewhere else. It takes about 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose; And each child uses about 7,000 of this before getting potty-trained! 

So please, choose to cloth diaper!

This conscious effort will go a long, long way, one cloth diaper at a time. Your children will deeply appreciate your choice to secure a clean, safe and sustainable planet for all the generations to enjoy in the million years to come!

We thank you for making this choice to use cloth diaper and trusting our brand.